5 Reasons to Join a CSA!

1. You get fresher, healthier fruits and vegetables!

Most fruits and vegetables in stores are picked, packaged, loaded, shipped, unloaded, and put on shelves before they reach you. This process can take a couple weeks, and to make sure the produce gets to you; they are usually sprayed or coated in chemicals to prolong shelf life.
When you order from a local CSA, your fruits and vegetables are usually picked the same day as you get them and are chemical free! This lets your family get more vitamins and minerals from the produce you eat, with no extra work!

2. You get more bang for your buck!

Let’s face it, organic can be expensive and paying up front for a CSA can be scary. But when you break it down, a CSA is usually more cost effective in the long run. Depending on the CSA length and amount in each share, most average out to about $20-$45 dollars a week. (0urs is $20.)
You are getting healthier, fresher produce that’s similarly priced to what’s in the grocery store; but much better quality. Not to mention most farmers take pretty good care of their CSA members, sometimes giving extra items, or easy recipies and tips to use what’s in the box. Not many grocery stores do that!

3. You try new things!

When you get a mixed CSA box, of course you get your classic tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce. But you are inevitably going to get something you’ve never tried, or maybe never even heard of! Ground Cherries, Garlic Scapes, and Sungold Cherry tomatoes are just some examples from our own CSA.
A CSA will push you to try something you’ve never tried before, and I can guarantee you’ll expand your cooking skills.

4. You support local business!

When you get your produce from a local CSA, you’re putting your money directly into the hands of a member of your community instead of a multi-billion dollar company. Spending locally keeps a majority of the money in your area , thus creating a more stable economy in your community.
It creates more jobs as well, as spending money at a local business gives them more opportunities to hire help.
You also foster personal connection with the person growing your food, something that you don’t get when buying from the supermarket.

5. You reduce waste and help take care of the environment!

Local fruits and vegetables don’t have to go nearly as far as store bought produce does, saving gas and reducing your carbon footprint. It’s also not going bad at the store or on the road, limiting unneeded food waste.
Since all the produce is fresher, there is a longer window for you to use it before it goes bad. This reduces food waste in your own home as well.
Most farmers use significantly less plastic packaging than store bought produce, keeping excess waste out of the landfill.
So you save gas, plastic, food, and support a farmer who is not just using their land; but sustaining it for future generations.

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